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🔥+ reverses diabetes type 2 15 Jul 2020 Diabetes and its Effect on People. Diabetes can be frustrating and stressful for everybody involved - the person with diabetes, their family and friends, their ...

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Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

What is hypoglycemia?

When your blood glucose (blood sugar) level goes below 70, or you have certain symptoms, we say you have hypoglycemia (low blood glucose).

If not treated quickly, it can be dangerous. Follow the treatment guidelines listed here. If you over-treat low glucose, it can cause "" (high blood glucose), which is not healthy for your body.

Reduce your risk of hypoglycemia

  1. Treat low blood glucose right away.

  2. Eat balanced meals and snacks spread evenly throughout the day.

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    Your doctor may prescribe glucagon (medicine to raise your blood glucose). If your glucose is very low and you cannot eat or drink carbohydrate, someone else can give you a shot of this medicine.

    If your doctor prescribes this, we will give you special instructions to share with family and friends (as well as teachers, day care providers and other caregivers, if the glucagon is for a child).

    When should I call my care team?

    Let your diabetes care team know if:

    • You have more than two to the 1 last update 15 Jul 2020 three low blood glucose readings in a row.You have more than two to three low blood glucose readings in a row.

    • You have two or more low readings in 24 hours.

    • You have low readings at the same time of day several days in a row.

    • You often need to eat extra food to keep your blood glucose from getting too low.

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