Knowing the Service Staff of Car Dealers Orange County

Knowing the Service Staff of Car Dealers Orange County

You go to a car dealer in Orange County and Los Angeles and ask for a check-up and repair of your car. A service staff entertains you and asks you about the present condition of your car. The staff jots down car problems in detail. The staff says that your car needs a lift test, and tells you to go back the next day. The staff gets your contact number, and you say goodbye.

Have you ever wondered how car dealer outlets in Orange County and Los Angeles work? The person who entertained you is only one of the many service staffs in an auto dealership outlet. He/she is called a greeter. Aside from the greeter, there are seven other service staffs in an auto dealer outlet. These are service advisor, dispatcher, technician, parts account personnel, lot porter, booker, and cashier.

Greeters guide customers to the holding area. They serve as the traffic police in a dealership outlet. They set and follow-up service appointments, as well as follow-up calls for service repair. Greeters serve as a mediator between customers and service advisors. They inform service advisors of the arrival of their customer. They direct calls from the main service line to the service advisor’s desk. Greeters are the persons you see in reception tables of auto dealer outlets.

On the other hand, a service advisor is your primary contact in a dealership office. They gather information about the problems of your car and create a vehicle repair report. A vehicle repair report contains details about car parts that need to be fixed. They give this to technicians of car dealers Orange County. Dealers typically assign one service advisor per customer. Service advisors play the most crucial role in a car dealership service.

Service technicians handle the repair and renovation of cars. They are mostly situated in service centers and warehouses. Service technicians are also called mechanics. They inform service advisors about the additional parts necessary in a repair service. Oftentimes, luxury cars such as GMC Los Angeles require additional spare parts during repair. Technicians get car parts from warehouses through a parts account personnel.

Dispatchers assign service advisors to customers, while a lot porter transports cars from the service area to the parking lot of car dealers Orange County. Finally, bookers and cashiers arrange the financial accounts of customers.

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