Aesthetics – Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Aesthetics – Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

It happens to everyone. People suffer declines in health and a loss of confidence as the years take their toll on our minds and bodies. We see time’s effects written on our skin as age spots, sagging, and wrinkles appear, and as we get older these only increase in number. A few will wear these as badges of honor and proof of a life well lived, but for those who feel they can’t embrace this mindset, consulting with an aesthetic doctor may be an answer worth pursuing.

One such physician currently working in Singapore, Dr. Kan Hun Yee, believes the practice of aesthetics goes further than just the skin. Aesthetics encompasses the practice of dermatology and also includes minor cosmetic procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers, and “threadlifting”. Dr. Kan uses these and more to provide treatments for the physical effects of growing and aging, along with the mental and emotional impacts we feel whenever we see a new spot appear or a new wrinkle form.

Providing good baseline medical care should go hand in hand with the practice of aesthetics, as it does very little good for the candy wrapper to be perfect if the candy inside is no good. Dr. Kan seems to believe this, too, as she provides a good range of general medical and urgent care services to ensure that a whole body approach to healthcare is followed.

Acne, skin conditions, aging, and in some cases even unwanted tattoos should be no problem for the right aesthetic doctor. There’s a wide range of treatments that are available to give relief to those who feel they are suffering because of these and other dermatological issues. Never has the time been more right to seek out someone who can help, and to reverse the losses of physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing that the passage of years so effortlessly provides us.

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