I Am Working on the Farm

I Am Working on the Farm

Of course most people do not think of there being farms here on Long Island, but my mother’s family has had a farm here in Suffolk county for at least a hundred years. I have learned a lot of things there. For instance the other day my neighbor asked me if I knew anyone that did Suffolk county tree removal and I asked him what he needed to have done. Of course what he needed was a tree dropped because it was blocking his satellite signal, especially when the weather got bad. At any rate my grandfather has taught me all about this sort of this and I figured that it was not really that big of a deal, although I took some precautions. I climbed the tree with a bow saw and cut the top of it off. Of course I tied it to a rope and when it fell it did not go all of the way to the ground. That way it did not make a big mess when it hit the ground. Read the rest of this entry

Aesthetics – Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Aesthetics – Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

It happens to everyone. People suffer declines in health and a loss of confidence as the years take their toll on our minds and bodies. We see time’s effects written on our skin as age spots, sagging, and wrinkles appear, and as we get older these only increase in number. A few will wear these as badges of honor and proof of a life well lived, but for those who feel they can’t embrace this mindset, consulting with an aesthetic doctor may be an answer worth pursuing.

One such physician currently working in Singapore, Dr. Kan Hun Yee, believes the practice of aesthetics goes further than just the skin. Read the rest of this entry

Popular Low-stress Careers

Popular Low-stress Careers

If you’re in the market for a new career and are seeking something less stressful that still allows you to comfortably make ends meet, there are options. Many jobs offer low stress days with reasonable pay.

One of the most in-demand careers at the moment are Computer Software Engineers. These tech-savvy folks enjoy a relatively low-pressure career while earning a decent salary. Their focus is designing and testing different software programs; anything from operating systems and business applications to computer games…and many do it all from home. Depending on variables, of course, a computer software engineer can expect an annual income of $54,000 to $130,000.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, Civil Engineers are also in high demand. It’s expected that the demand for their expertise will increase by about 24% over the next ten years, making it an above-average occupation. Although they design and build the nation’s infrastructure, they generally do so within teams. As well, they have a few years to design and complete their projects before construction even begins, which alleviates a lot of personal pressure. They also earn a comfortable $50,000 to $115,000 a year.

If you’re looking for something a little more hands-on, perhaps you should be considering physical therapy. Physical Therapists are well respected in the medical field, have flexible hours and are usually self-employed. It’s expected they will be in higher demand over the next few years as the Baby Boomers hit their golden years and encounter physical challenges. With an annual earning of $50,00 to $105,000, you can see there is rarely a dry spell in this field.

Technical writers are also a high-tech, new age group that are in constant demand. These individuals are paid an easy $47,000 to $98,000 a year to write about newly released gadgets, programs and toys. As companies release technical products, technical writers are required to review and transform the language into a simple consumer language. They may face tight deadlines, but technical writers usually enjoy flexible days and a quiet work environment with a 20-second commute to their computer. This is another job that sees most people working from home.

If something even more relaxed, and possibly even part-time is what you seek, how about a massage therapist? These are generally extremely low-pressure jobs that ensure self-employment and even working part-time. Due to many factors in this field, an annual salary can be whatever you like. On average, a massage therapist will charge around $30 an hour. If you chose to take on many clients, you could easily earn $45,000 or more a year.

Extra Income Ideas – How To Put Some Extra Income Into Your Bank Account Even With Little Time!

Extra Income Ideas – How To Put Some Extra Income Into Your Bank Account Even With Little Time!

What Are the Extra Income Ideas That Are Best For You?

First let’s consider your goals. Are you looking for a quick rush of extra cash to pay off a couple of bills, or do you think it might be wise to start something that will eventually bring in floods of income that will allow you to never have to worry like this again?

If you chose the latter then I can help you. If you chose the first option then some quick things that you can do are actually very simple. You can sell some of your stuff. There’s no telling how much stuff you have laying around that YOU don’t need but someone else does. So get rid of it, and that will give you some quick cash.

If however you want an income that’s going to last and that’s going to grow, then you’re best off starting some sort of business of your own. Here’s why…

You can set your own hours…So often people who need extra money are in a bind because they don’t have the time. If you’re in a money bind and you have a fulltime job, getting a second job is not going to be easy. But working from home and building an income from the comfort of your own desk in your house is a different story.

When you build your own business you’re not slave to the hours of your boss, and you don’t always have to be present to earn that income.

You’re building an asset for YOU… When you work a job, you’re building a business whether you realize it or not…only you’re building it for someone else! Sure there can be some benefit to that, but in a few years wouldn’t you rather have extra income coming in from the business that you’ve created for yourself, rather than the one that you created for someone else?

Salary Negotiation Strategy to Get that Salary Increase You Deserve

Salary Negotiation Strategy to Get that Salary Increase You Deserve

There are a few important things you have to keep in mind and follow properly when applying your salary negotiation strategy, no matter how badly you want to get that raise. Your salary negotiation strategy should be prepared ahead of time.

Don’t be caught saying or doing inappropriate things that might turn against your favor. Although desperate times call for desperate measures (forgive the clich), I’m sure you’d rather walk into and leave that office with as much dignity as possible. 1.Don’t approach the boss at a -bad time-. If you want to score a good deal, lurk around the secretary’s desk for a while. It might help to know that the boss is in a good mood. If he or she is preparing for a stressful event such as a board meeting or the like, opt to cancel your little visit for a later time or date.

2.Don’t get too emotional. Remember, it doesn’t help if you approach the boss teary-eyed over your -dire need- to get a raise because your wife is pregnant or your father needs money for hospitalization. Although these are factors as well, focus on the task at hand, which is convincing your boss that you deserve that raise because you have proven your worth to the company. A good salary negotiation strategy doesn’t rely on emotional outbursts.

3.Don’t expect a lot. Even if things don’t go as you planned, it is vital that you keep your composure and act as a professional. Maybe the company is experiencing some problems of its own as well, causing some delays in implementing your salary increase.

4.Don’t get too caught up in the paycheck. Although cash is good, be open to other options such as a longer vacation leave or medical benefits as incentives to the hard work you’ve done. This smart perspective on salary negotiation will make you feel better. There it is, be sure you follow the vital tips above if you want your salary negotiation strategy to go your way. Your big raise is just a few steps away!

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Are you ready for IT sales profession

Are you ready for IT sales profession

Information technology has grown from being a support industry to a full-fledged service industry that requires huge teams of sales executives to sell its services. It is experiencing a never before rise in the demand for sales executives who can better understand customer requirements and take lead in the brainstorming session within the organization. The main responsibility of the IT sales profession is in delivering the customized technical solutions as per the specifications outlined by the client. Candidates with strong technical background with a flair for sales or MBA marketing with good command over technology make ideal choices for software sales jobs.

The sales team in a software development and deployment company plays a pivotal role. They are the people who first approach the customer and start the initial discussion. From opening the channel of communication till closing the deal, the sales executive plays a key role.

Defining the role of a sales executive in IT

By definition, the sales executive will be responsible for selling the product and services of his organization. But with the growing importance of IT in industrial sector, the role of a sales executive has also undergone vast changes. The role of an IT salesperson today may fall under one or all of the categories of – pre-sales, sales and post-sales support.

The first phase of pre-sales includes acquiring and persuading leads. The most important task in this phase is to establish new point of contacts to keep the client base of the company growing. Once the initial contact is established the salesperson will make the customer aware of the different products offered by them, their features and how those can be implemented to help the client in achieving his business goals. This also involves taking client’s inputs and understanding his requirements in designing the best technical solution for him. Live product demonstration is an important pre-sales activity and therefore, the salesperson must have strong understanding on his products and services.

The actual sales involves negotiate pricing with the client, raising invoice and concluding the deal. The post-sales phase is essentially offering extended customer support to forge long-term relationship with the client, understanding his ongoing technical requirements and identifying scopes for up-selling and cross-selling.

As an IT salesperson, you would be responsible for exceeding personal and team sales targets. Your working hours may vary and stretch beyond normal hours. So, be prepared to face steep target and prolonged working hours. Some of the most essential skills required for software sales jobs are as follows:

Ambition and determination to meet up scaling targets on a regular basis. Good technical know-how and understanding of products.

Good interpersonal abilities and problem solving capabilities. After sales support and performing other support jobs for improving client relationships. Team playing abilities.

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Neat Professions Within The Medical Field

Neat Professions Within The Medical Field

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